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About Rachelle Rae

In 1985 (just 27 years ago) John and Mary Hagerd gave birth to their long awaited little girl. John and Mary were both huge fans of Meryl Streep, so they named their little bouncing bundle of joy "Meryl". Little did they know the complications this would ultimately cause and the long string of seemingly endless confusion and name changes.

Once little Meryl Hagerd realized that she could sing, she hit the road at age 6 in search of a record deal. Every label was eager to make her a star, but her name was going to be a problem. Attorneys were consulted and a determination was made that a name change would be necessary. Merle started searching for the perfect name. She loved Edie Gorme and dreamed of one day traveling to the planet Mercury. That was enough to go on, so Merly Hagerd became Edie Mercury. (Hindsight is 20/20).

The name changes continued for years... Edie Van Hallin, Mary Kaye, Liza Marie Preslie....until one day she came across the perfect name. One that could NEVER be confused with anyone... not even some short-live afternoon syndicated TV homemaker that might come along. Now, the world will know her simply as Rachelle Rae.