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Rachelle Rae & The Banned - Rider

Hiring Rachelle Rae & The BANNED is easy. But sometimes, our clients may overlook a few minor issues that can create a difficult time and a less-than perfect event. Here's a few considerations that may help you plan for a great event.

We're a rock & roll band with a significant amount of gear & equipment. We need a minimum of 40 amps of power across 2 or more circuits. Less than 40 total amps could cause a breaker to blow, which means the guitar solo becomes a guitar "so low" you can't hear it. Ask us about the power requirements in advance so we can help you plan.

Although a stage is nice, we've played many events both inside and out on decks, patios, pavilions,etc. ONE THING we CANNOT DO is play on the ground or grass directly. Our equipment is electric, and since electricity is always seeking ground, our human bodies (although a great conductor of electricity) do not make a very long lasting conduent Please provide some type of platform that will create a significant barrier between the ground and us. Please ask us about this factor in our performance. We want to provide a shocking performance...without the actual shock.

There are 5 performers in Rachelle Rae & THE BANNED. This includes a full drum kit, multiple guitars and amps, keyboards, speakers, etc. Please ask us about the area in which you would like us to perform if it is smaller than 300 sq feet. We can accommodate virtually any request that we know about in advance.

Please plan on 2 to 3 hours of setup and testing of our equipment prior to performance. It is best if this is done while providing an additional hour or more before the performance. We will also require about 1 hour to remove our gear.