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From her earliest memory, Rachelle has always loved singing. She has performed solo, in duets and bands from Oklahoma to Michigan as well as onstage in musicals. Rachelle is currently working on a solo CD.

Music Videos

Darkest Hour (Official Video) ft. Gary Hoey

Guy Thing (Official Video) ft. Gary Hoey

Live Schedule

4-26-24Sherman's Lounge4211 Fenton Rd, Flint9pm
5-4-24Montrose Pub10174 Vienna Rd, Montrose9pm - 1am
6-15-24Boat Bar2000 S Ortonville Rd, Ortonville9pm - 1am
6-22-24Brandom Walker Scholarship Fundraiser135 S Linwood Beach Rd, Linwood
7-6-24Otter Lake Fireworks Festival5900 Genessee Ave, Otter Lake6pm - 10pm
8-24-24CD Release Concert @ American Legion Hall1701 W Gennessee St, Lapeer
10-5-24Montrose Pub10174 Vienna Rd, Montrose

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  • Delehanty Ford - Love the Way We Make You Feel
  • Delehanty Ford - The Best Place to Be
  • Delehanty Ford - U Turn
  • Rightway Automotive - No Money Down is Back
  • Rightway Automotive - There's a Reason (Version 1)
  • Rightway Automotive - There's a Reason (Version 2)
  • (Version 1)
  • (Version 2)
  • (Version 3)
  • Answer Heating & Cooling
  • Feeny Chrysler Dodge Ram Jeep

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