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See Where THE BANNED is playing next. Invite your friends! Larry did...and both showed up!


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See what a live performance with Rachelle Rae is really like. High energy, great music, lots of fun!


Hiring/Booking The "BANNED"

Read the rider in our contract.
Wierd stuff required.


Meet The "BANNED"

Content Has Been Removed By Fans Request

This section no longer exists. The web developer did originally create it, but after an extensive focus group testing, it was removed. Comments like, "Hey, that MEET THE BANNED thing, why did you bother with that?", and "Please remove all pictures of Jack", and "What kind of idiot built a website for Rachelle and thought we would spend 1 second reading about a bunch of guys. I mean, they are very good, but not very interesting...really...more Rachelle...more!"
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About Rachelle Rae

bay city toyota

Rachelle Rae is Living The Dream
It all started when she was born the daughter of a West Virginia coal miner and got married to Tommy Lee Jones... uuhh... wait just a moment... that's a different story. OK... Here's the real scoop..

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